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Biloxi dispensary helping people register for medical marijuana cards

Ja'Colbi Rivers

May 1, 2023

Dispensary helping individuals register for their medical marijuana cards

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Blue Lotus Creation and its partners held a Medical Cannabis Patient Drive for those looking to get registered, a drive that Bee’s Bud’s CEO Barbara Wilson says can help patients navigate through a confusing website.

“It asks questions twice, sometimes three times. If you hit the wrong button, it kicks it all out,” said Wilson. “If you don’t have the picture the way it has to be it kicks it out. If you don’t have the right documents, it kicks it out.”

Wilson also had the help of local doctors who say it can be extremely difficult for an elderly person to get registered.

“The system can be hard for elderly to maneuver,” said Dr. Netwassie Truly. “But now I’m glad we can help those patients that do not understand to get into the system and get them registered so that they can start the process of receiving their medications that helps them with their qualifying conditions.”

Once registered, they are then taken aside for doctors to get a better understanding of what they are dealing with.

“They have a source of pain and a reason for this chronic pain,” said Dr. William Truly. “I will determine whether or not they are qualified. And if there is, I will document it in the chart.”

Wilson says her goal for this drive is to not only help patients get registered but to also understand medical marijuana and what they can do with it.

“You can still have a medical marijuana card and keep your guns, that is very important to understand,” said Wilson. “Once you get your card, we suggest shopping around. Remember, this is your medicine, and you have to treat it just like any other pharmacy you would go to.”

“Another thing is patients do not understand that they can petition the department of health to add additional qualifications for the medical cannabis, so we want them to know that.” said Dr. Truly.

Organizers say they were excited to get this going and are looking forward to putting on another one.

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